Simulators have to be one thing in particular: as realistic as possible. That is also true for the sound. Therefore, recording the vehicles in the real world is the best solution. But you will never find unedited sounds in simulators. Microphones are not perfect. Often the pure recording doesn’t reflect what you have heard in reality. The low grumble of the engine, the vibrations when you step on the accelerator – the player should feel all that. At this point our job as sound designers begins.

Recording Sessions

A licensor of the game - Bell Equipment – made it possible for us to record the BellE45, which is one of the vehicles in the game. Armed with our recording equipment we spend a whole day recording only one truck. It was hard work on the company’s test track because of the blazing heat. But to stand on the truck while it was driving compensated for all and additionally this took us several steps closer towards our childhood dream: being a stuntman. A further great experience was our recording day in saxony at the construction company Domschke. Whether at construction areas, stockyards or sandboxes – on this day we recorded a wide palette of the sounds which you can hear in the game now.

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