Every game's different. Each one needs a distinct language to establish a connection between gamer, play area and story. An immersive soundtrack is an important part of this language. Only Sound's strenght lies in the ability to handle very diverse styles of music so that every game can present itself with a unique musical voice.

Sound Design

Whether vast deserts, enchanted forests, post apocalyptic worlds or the vastness of outer space - any play area will not be a true adventure if there's not a sound backdrop that adds emotional depth to it. A sophisticated design will ensure that even the tiniest bit of sound effect becomes a part of the game's identity. We don't think much of pre-assembled sound effect libraries! That's why we at Only Sound place particular value on designing every sound effect individually.


Mixing in a professional way is often underestimated and can boost a piece of music to a higher level. The mastering afterwards finally bestows the finishing touch. Voice over is also part of our services. Berlin is well-known for its variety of dubbing actors and there's a wide range to choose from. We also take care of scouting, recording and post-processing.


Everything under one roof - Upon request Only Sound will take on not only composing and sound designing but also the implementation of sound into games.